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Stjørdal local history club

Stjørdal local history club was founded in 1977. Today we have aprox 200 members. We have 3-4 annual meetings. Every summer we arrange a daytrip for our members, and every fall we arrange a half-day trip. Usually these trips go to historic places in middle Norway.

We have also published several books from the Stjørdal valley. Including two books about the local world war 2 history, a picture book and several others.

If you are looking for information about ancestors or relatives that might come from anywhere in the Stjørdal area (Stjørdal, Hegra, Lånke, Skatval, Meråker, Elvran, Forradal, Flora, Skjelstadmark or Hell) feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist you. We have helped people from other countries with finding their "lost relatives" several times before.


Contact information

Stjørdal historielag
Postboks 281
7501 Stjørdal


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